(Nikolay Petkov and Ivan Maslarov)
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Maunt KilimandjaroEMOTIONS ON THE EQUATOR - Part I

At the end of 1991 Ivan Maslarov and me had the chance (grace to the generosity of our sponsor Balkanbank) to travel to the two highest and most popular African mountains - Kilimanjaro and Kenia.

Because of lack of information or perhaps because of too great optimism, but our first ascent in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895 m., offered us a modest coldness trial. Initially dressed in T-shirts with the Balkanbank - 8 Summits inscription on them, we stepped on the top with all our available clothes on us. Unfortunately these did not include dawn jackets. Something more - we had to "run" up to the summit, because the National park taxes turned out to be higher than we had expected. And so, at a "modest" high, we had to experience some of the signs of acclimatization lack.

Nevertheless the 21-st of September is a memoriam for me as it enriched my eight summits summitter collection with a fifth one. After Elbrus, Everest, Aconcagua and McKinley on this day I ascended the African highest peak - Kilimanjaro.

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