Fitz Roy (Chalten)
(Nikolay Petkov, Ivan Maslarov, Kiril Tafradjiiski and Vladimir Nechev)
Fizroy.doc - Text in Bulgarian

Fitz Roy (Chalten)    In 1991 with three friends from the Alpine Club "Planinec", we visited Patagonia. Our objective was Fitz Roy, the Argentinean Route.
    We had to spent many days at the Base Camp waiting for good weather. As everybody knows, bad weather here can take for weeks.
    In this part of the world are also Cerro Torre, Aiguille Poincenot and many rock "needles".
    Fitz Roy is 3333m high. The wall is 1200 m. Because of the influence of the two oceans the climate is very wet, so the rocks have "snow hats" and sometimes the granit is covered with ice. In these cases it's impossible to climb.


Waiting For Good Weather                   FizR005.jpg (8916 bytes)



Aiguille Poincenot                            Cerro Torre



Rappelling down after first attempt                         First Pitches


 The Amazing Granit Of Fitz Roy           Patagonian Sunrise



Cerro Tore from the top of Fiz Roy            The End Of The Climb - Ivan Maslarov on the top.