Mount Everest 8848m


The West Ridge, 1984
(Bulgarian National Team)
On the Summit - Hristo Prodanov - 20/4/84,
Metodi Savov and Ivan Valtchev - 8/5/84,
Kiril Doskov and Nikolay Petkov - 9/5/84

Mount Everest, 8848m


Kiril, Nikolay ?nd Liubomir

The Route Was Equiped With Fixed Ropes and Metal Ladders                                     Steep Rocks And Couloirs



Fixed Ropes On The Route (photo by Metodi Savov)                     Everest From West


                             Photo by Metodi Savov



Ivan Valchev In The Manfreda Chimney (Photo by Metodi Savov)                                  Climbing On The West Ridge, Altitude - 8000??


View up to the summit from last camp, 8120Last 5 steps to Everest, 8848




Nikolay  And "The Three Fools" On Everest, 9/5/84                            Kiril Doskov On Everest, 9/5/84



Hristo Prodanov, 1943-1984              On 20/4/84 He Reached Everest Without Oxigen, But Died On His Way Back.



Everest, View From ....                 Kathmandu, Bulgarian Alpinists And Reinhold Mesner


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