Dhaulagiri 8167m


Around Dhaulagiri, 1989
(Nikolay Petkov and Ivan Maslarov)

    With the friends from our Alpine Club "Planinec" we planed make an expedition to Dhaulagiri. The first step was to choose ..., so we flew to Nepal.
    The tour around Dhaulagiri was very interesting for me and Ivan Maslarov - we visited places and met people, forgotten by God.
    Unfortunately, we didn't realize our ideas for an alpine expedition...


Dhaul91002.jpg (7438 bytes)                            Rainy Weather



Dhaul91007.jpg (7276 bytes)                            Not Better Than A Bridge...



Dhaulagiri, The Normal Route, 1997
(Nikolay Petkov and Tontcho Tontchev)

Dhaulagiri - panoramic view from the top

    In the autumn of 1997 we (Tontcho Tontchev, Vl. Tchorbadjiiski and Nik), established our base camp in the Hidden Valley and did a fast attack to the Normal Route of Dhaulagiri without using any fixed ropes and oxigenium. Our expedition was the first in this area for the season. We were acclimatized on Hongde Peak, about 6000m. Tontcho was on the top on 24 September, after two Spanish mountaineers, next day was Nikolay's turn.
    The other goal was Anapurna's Normal Route, so we went down the village Marfa. Our luggage was blocked by snow in the Hidden Valley and we had to wait for it about ten days. It was evident that the season would finish soon and Anapurna's Normal Route could be very dangerous after the snowfalls, so we took the wisest decision - to leave.


Before The Tracking                                           Marfa - The Last Village On Our Way


Our Luggage                            Hidden Valey - Rests Of The "Pilatus" ( German Expedition in '??)



Dhaulagiri And ....                     View From The Last Camp (..m)



The Summit




Dhaulagiri 8167m
and the Bulgarian flag with the new crest.





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